Thanksgiving carving

As I return back to work after a nice vacation with family, I have to face questions about motivation and whether I am doing what I really love. I submitted two personal apps over the break, and was reminded how much I love building and creating and delivering. At work, I am now a manager, and have the opportunity to help drive our mobile strategy, but it also means that I get to code and ship much less. I am finding this to be a drain on my soul. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to quit or change jobs or anything that drastic. But I need to make sure that I am managing my time effectively so that I can continue to do what I love, even in the context of what I need to do. There are (almost) always opportunities for carving out space to do what feeds your soul amidst the daily pressures of commitments you have made. I am not sure where I see myself a few years from now, but I know that I need to be intentional about it. Here’s to a productive December!